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Salsa | Bachata | Pole Dancing | Aerial 


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  • Pole Dancing

  • Exotic Dance

  • Aerial Sling

  • Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

  • Flexibility

  • Bungee Dancing (ΝΕΟ)

  • High Heels Commercial

  • Clinical Pilates

  • Salsa On2 

  • Bachata

  • Kizomba

  • Reggaeton

  • Afro Styles

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A Vibrant World of Dance

Salsa and Bachata are two of the most popular Latin dances that have captivated dancers and audiences around the globe. Both styles are celebrated for their passionate music, rhythmic footwork, and expressive movements, offering a rich cultural experience and a vibrant social dance scene.

Salsa originated in the Caribbean, particularly in Cuba and Puerto Rico, and evolved in New York City among the Latino community in the 1960s and 70s. It incorporates elements from Afro-Cuban dance styles like Son, Cha-cha-cha, and Mambo. Salsa is known for its energetic steps, intricate turn patterns, and the lively connection between partners. The music is characterized by fast beats, brass instruments, and soulful vocals, encouraging dancers to move with vigor and style.

Bachata, hailing from the Dominican Republic, offers a more intimate and romantic dance experience. It emerged in the early 20th century but gained widespread popularity in the 1980s. Bachata is danced to guitar-based music, with lyrics often revolving around love and heartbreak. The dance is distinguished by its close embrace, soft hip movements, and simple side-to-side or circular footwork. Over time, Bachata has evolved with influences from other dance styles, leading to variations like Sensual Bachata that emphasize body waves and dips.

Benefits of Dancing Salsa and Bachata:

  • Physical Fitness: Both dances are great cardiovascular workouts that improve stamina, agility, and muscle tone.

  • Mental Health: Dancing is known to reduce stress and increase serotonin levels, enhancing overall mood and well-being.

  • Social Connections: The social nature of these dances fosters a sense of community and friendship among dancers, offering opportunities to meet people from diverse backgrounds.

  • Cultural Appreciation: Engaging with Salsa and Bachata provides deeper insights into Caribbean and Latin American cultures, promoting cultural understanding and appreciation.

Whether you're drawn to the energetic beats of Salsa or the romantic rhythms of Bachata, both dances offer a wonderful blend of physical exercise, emotional expression, and social interaction. They invite dancers of all levels to step into the dance floor and immerse themselves in the joy of movement and connection.

AERIAL SLING (Aerial Hammock) & AERIAL HOOP (Lyra)

Strength Building: Improves core, arm, and leg strength as movements require supporting one's body weight in various positions.

Flexibility and Balance Enhancement: Promotes flexibility and improves balance through the execution of different stretching and balancing movements.

Stress Reduction: Offers a form of "aerial meditative exercise" that can help reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

Artistic Expression: Provides a unique platform for creative and artistic expression through the choreography of movements and poses in the air.

Both aerial sling and hoop offer a comprehensive workout that combines strength, flexibility, and artistic expression, making them popular choices for those looking to diversify their fitness routines or explore new forms of aerial arts.


Pole Dancing is a fantastic way of exercising! It strengthens and tones your entire body, develops your cardiovascular stamina, increases your flexibility and is loads of fun. Reach your fitness goals by learning an incredible new life enhancing skill.

Pole Dance Fitness is loads of fun. People say they’re having so much fun they don’t notice how hard they are working! Enjoyment is shown to be one of the biggest factors for enabling people to get fit. If you leave your fitness class buzzing and feeling amazing, then its easy to make it through the cold and the rain to your next class!


If you have never tried Exotic Pole, now is the time to get started!

Exotic pole dance involves learning a routine that often teaches you how to move from one movement to the other..with music! So if you aren’t a dancer, exotic pole will bring that hidden dancer out and eventually teach you to gracefully twirl on the floor, kick that leg up, and spin on the pole

Just like pole dancing, exotic pole involves cool flips and tricks. You focus on a routine that incorporates floor work, spins around the pole and tricks that may involve some crawling, sliding, flipping, and such. 

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