Choose your Plan at Step Up Dance Studio

In Step Up Dance Studio you can choose the perfect plan for you.
Individual classes, group classes, fitness and online classes.
You can also choose combination plans between pole dancing, aerial dance, flexibility, bungee but also salsa, bachata, reggaeton and contemporary.
If you are not covered by any of our packages, please contact us to customize the right program for your needs.

Pricing plan

  • Silver Pole Pass

    Every month
    Perfect for Beginners
    • 1h Pole, 1h Flex & 2h free practice/Week
  • Pole & Aerial Pass

    Every month
    Perfect to upgrade your skills
    • 1h Pole & 1h Aerial classes plus 2h free practice/Week
  • Basic Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners looking weekly classes in 1 dance
    • 1h Pole dance/week+2h free practice(only for morning class)
    • 1h Aerial/week+2h free practice
    • 2h Salsa|Bachata/week
    • 1h Salsa Ladies/Men Styling/week
    • 1h Reggaeton/week
    • 1h Afro Styles/week
  • Unlimited Fitness

    Every month
    Upgrade Pole & Aerial Skills
    • Up to 3 Pole Dance classes/week
    • Up to 2 Aerial (Sling & Hoop) classes/week
    • 1 Exotic class/week
    • 1 Flexibility class/week
For Pole Dancing, Aerial Dance, Bungee Dance & Flexibility classes, spots are limited.
Contact us for more details.
Step Up Dance Studio